We founded the VEPUS furniture company in 2012 with the aim of presenting our clients with quality products
branded furniture and brings you a new quality of living. We focused on the offer of products and collections
with an exceptional design, made of noble materials with perfect craftsmanship.

At the heart of every product is the design phase, cleverly conceived and interpreted in our technical office. With personal experience over the years, our designers are built to listen to market developments and client tastes and translate
all this in the lines that give shape to each individual element of the collections.

Over the years, the company has maintained the same passion and the same enthusiasm as always expanding the already important technical know-how with consultations and contributions from the best Italian and foreign architects and interior designers.

Thanks to their high level of quality, our Italian manufacturers have obtained the most important certifications, which include: UNI EN ISO 9001,
100% Made in Italy, GOST-R and Swarovski.
All collections are regularly patented.



All our products are made and finished by hand. The unique design, combined with a careful and detailed work, create our collections’s high quality and confirm the excellence of Made in Italy in modern and contemporary furnishings.
From our earth, the Montefeltro, we draw inspiration to create an elegant, refined and functional product. Annually, during the Commission Quality Review, Company’s Management prepares a document containing the list of efficacy indicators and new objectives, through which it defines the Objectives to be achieved for what concerns all levels and the functions of the Organization.
The objectives are measurable and consistent with our quality policy.
MobilPiù srl has a quality management system certified by Icila UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.
Certification ITPI Made in Italy.

Mid adult worker communicating over mobile phone while using laptop with his colleagues at carpentry workshop.


However, creating a collection is not just about putting together the elements which comprise it, but also, and perhaps above all else, succeeding in placing the great experience and personal knowledge of the designers at the service of the people. Listening to you, trying to understand what you want and translating it into a language, which delves into the territory of classicism but also holds its head up in contemporary living – this is the real calling behind design.

The intensity of our work lies completely in the design of the collections, which can be produced on a large scale without ever compromising the profound sense of the Made in Italy culture: beauty, balance and research to give each and every person the unique quality of a “class” product.

The beating heart of every product is the design phase, sagely conceived and interpreted in our technical office.

Thanks to personal experience over the course of the years, our designers are placed to listen out for market developments and clients´ tastes, translating it all into the lines which will give shape to every individual element of the Arredoclassic collections.



In recent years MobilMore It has reached high standards of quality in terms of safety, reliability, durability and strength of the product.
Each product MobilMore It is accompanied by a guarantee certificate attesting to the quality, the authenticity of materials and production entirely Made in Italy.
MobilMore offers for its products, the warranty on any manufacturing defect origin and a service free to guarantee the tranquility and safety.


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